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You need auto insurance in Pennsylvania to protect yourself on the road. State law requires it, so it pays to find a policy that gives you the coverage you need in the event that something goes wrong behind the wheel.

What You Need To Know

In Pennsylvania, your auto insurance encompasses liability and medical benefits. As a no-fault state, it is important that if you are going to be a resident you have sufficient auto insurance. As a result, having this type of coverage can help prevent the court system from becoming overwhelmed with civil suits. Auto insurance gives you two options when it comes to benefits. Both involve suing the other driver in the event you are in an accident that he or she caused. Liability insurance is a legal necessity. It is the only way to protect yourself if you are the cause of an auto accident.

There is a limit on the medical benefits you get from having auto insurance. You need to have health insurance to cover the rest of the expenses that could incur if you are injured by yours or someone else's driving. Some drivers have double the coverage from their health insurance than they do from the auto insurance they have.

It is crucial to always have proof of your auto insurance with you in your vehicle. Not only do you need a signed letter stating you have coverage, but you also need the ID card for your insurance and your declaration page from your insurance policy. In addition, the state of Pennsylvania requires you to have a copy on hand of your Assigned Risk Plan.

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